What is KuaiBoard?

Kuaiboard turns your keyboard into your clipboard and allows you to quickly insert saved text clips – message templates, signatures, addresses, your current location, etc.. You can manage all your text right from the Kuaiboard app. Once you've added your text, you can then switch to the Kuaiboard keyboard by tapping the globe icon on your main language keyboard in any app. With just a single tap, you can insert a text clip.

I don’t see my text clips in the KuaiBoard keyboard. Where are they?

In order to use the Kuaiboard keyboard and insert your text clips, you must install the Kuaiboard keyboard in the Settings app (General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard...). After adding the keyboard, tap 'Kuaiboard' to view the keyboard's settings, and enable 'Allow Full Access'.

Why the Allow Full Access? That sounds scary.

Allow Full Access is required for the Kuaiboard keyboard to insert your text clips and to get your current location, with your permission, when inserting location text.

I’m not sold on this explanation. I want details.

Sure! In order for the Kuaiboard keyboard to talk to the KuaiBoard app, and therefore insert your text clips, an iOS feature called App Groups is required (see "Configuring App Groups").

In order to use App Groups, Apple requires the Allow Full Access setting to be enabled (see the App Extension Programming Guide for Custom Keyboards), where App Groups in this context are referred to as shared containers).

Can I insert a text clip in a password field using KuaiBoard?

No. Custom keyboards are not allowed to access secure text input fields (e.g. password fields) in apps (See the "System Keyboard Features Unavailable to Custom Keyboards" section in the App Extension Programming Guide for Custom Keyboards).

Are you secretly sending my text to your server? I demand privacy.

I take privacy extremely seriously. As my Privacy Policy states, your text clips are only stored on your device and only optionally in iCloud when sync is enabled. They don't leave without your permission:

Kuaiboard's functionality includes the storage of text snippets for easy access. These snippets are stored locally on your device, in encrypted form, and are not transmitted to Kuaiboard at any time.